Ham and Turkey Dinner Fundraiser A Great Success!

What a great evening for our Ham And Turkey Dinner Fundraiser!

We had 51 people come out and enjoy a great dinner!

Thanks to all our volunteers that helped out!

Keep an eye for our next event!

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  • Ronald says:

    Yea it was a great dinner. The food was excellent and lots of it including deserts..

    This was my wife and I, our first dinner at the Museum. We found it to be quite unorganized. Dinner was from 5 to 7, it was around 6:15 or later when the food was brought out and set up on the main table..over an hours wait is not acceptable.

    After the food table was all setup, it was a mass rush by all the people to the main food table.

    May I suggest for the future please put two utensils in each food container, and have the people go down both sides of the table, not just one side.

    Also the food was not all that hot, by the time we got our food and sat down at our table..It would be nice to see some stainless steel chafing dishes used, they have a small can of heat below, when light it keeps the food hot for hours..

    Just my opinion, over all it was great..

  • steam says:

    Hi Ronald!

    First of all, thanks for coming out to the Museum and our fundraiser! We appreciate the support!

    This was our first Ham and Turkey dinner that we have done! Usually we have done smaller dinners such as Pasta Dinners (Which we are having one on May 13th from 5 to 7 PM!), and we are learning as well from this event!

    We realize that the dinner was later than it was supposed to be. We were short staffed. Another lesson that we learned from Saturday!

    The two utensils in each dish is a great idea! We will definitely do that in the future!

    As for the Chafing Dishes, it is something we have discussed and are looking into purchasing in the near future!

    Hope to see you again soon!

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